Limone sul garda

"Limen" - Border

The name for the village comes from the latin word "Limen", which means border. Surrounded by mountains and water the economic was based on fishing, olives and lemons.


The Garda cycle path is a cycle / pedestrian path that connects Limone sul Garda to the border of the province of Trento, towards Riva del Garda.
The path, overhanging the lake and anchored to the rock wall, protrudes at a height of about 50 m from the water level. It can also be used at night, thanks to the LED lighting system.

In the immediate postwar period, thanks to the influx of the first tourists from the regions of Northern Europe, the inhabitants of Limone, with constant development, transformed the small fishing village into today's tourist center among the most important on Lake Garda.

The LEMON HOUSE “del Castèl”

Facing the sun to catch its rays the white pillars and walls of the limonaie – lemon groves – still stand proud along the lakeshore.Dated to the early eighteenth century and purchased by the Municipal Administration in 1995, the “Limonaia del Castèl” is currently a museum open to the public and allows you to learn about the once very flourishing production structure of lemons and citrus fruits.