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On the lake,Without

Limone sul Garda:
Altitude: 65
Inhabitants: 971.

The name for the village comes from the latin word "Limen", which means border. Surrounded by mountains and water the economic was based on fishing, olives and lemons. Then in 1932 the Gardesana Occidentale was completed and at last isolation came to an end. After the worldwars tourism started. The inhabitants started to transform the little fishing village into a tourist resort, which is now one of the most important ones at Lake Garda.

Limone became famous in 1979 when the APOLIPOPROTEIN A-1 MILANO was discovered. This protein which is in the blood of the people born in Limone quickly removes the fat from the arteries and leads it to the lever wich in the end eliminates. This protein is efficacious against arteriosclerosis and infarct.

Lake Garda
surface 369,98 km²
perimeter 158,4 km
length max. 51,6 km
height above sealevel 65 m
width max. 17,2 km
depth max. 346m

month water air
Dec - Feb 6°-8° 5°-15°
Mar - May 9°-18° 15°-24°
Jun - Aug 17°-27° 24°-32°
Sep 22°-17° 28°-20°
Oct - Nov 15°-10° 20°-10°